Five Reasons to Live by the Sea!

By gotoadmin Aug 30, 2016

1.  Burn off the calories!  The best part is you won’t even know you are exercising…

Kick off your shoes, have some fun & watch the calories simply melt away!! 

Sun Picture

Playing with a Frisbee         205

Building Sand Castles          210 – 315

Surfing, Body or Board         205

Water Walking                       280 – 560

Kayaking & Snorkling          340

Ocean Swimming                  410

Beach Soccer                          500

Beach Volleyball                   545

Source: Exercise, Testing & Prescription by David c. Nieman – per hr of exercise

  2.   Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

Just a few minutes a day in the sun will give you enough Vitamin D to help create healthy bones with it’s vital role in calcium absorption.

3.    Rejuvenate Body & Mind –

Sound waves alter wave patterns in the brain which help you to relax.

4.   Mood Stabliser –

There is a good reason why some many people holiday by the sea & come away feeling recharged and relaxed.  Sea air accelerates our bodies ability to absorb Oxygen through the negative ions it produces.  These ions balance levels of Serotonin, a body chemical linked with mood & stress.

5.   It’s FREE!!!

Whether its a wine at sunset, picnic & BBQ with friends, walking your dog or simply playing with your kids …The beach makes the PERFECT Day Out!

Family at the beach

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