Negative Gearing vs Positive Gearing- Which Investment strategy will work best for you?

Many people still do not understand the crucial difference between negative gearing and positive gearing when investing in real estate, here are some pros and cons for each strategy.

Is Bundaberg The Next Townsville?

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I can’t help feeling here in mighty Bundaberg hub of the Coral Isle, we are 10 – 15 years behind Townsville.  I spent many years in Townsville growing up & the first thing that attracted me to the Coral Coast in particular the Bundaberg Region, was how much it reminded me of Townsville as a child.  It really was like stepping back in time.  Have a look at how far Townsville has come today.  I truly believe you will see the same progression in and around Bundaberg.  Lets compare: Continue reading Is Bundaberg The Next Townsville?

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