Site chosen for proposed Baffle Creek surf park

surf park

Exiting news for the region! click on this link to learn more:

Melissa Gaultier

Parasites of disaster

The media really piss me off in times of natural disaster.   I know it’s great for ratings, but could they stimulate something positive at least some of the time.  I ask, where is our follow up interview in Bundaberg, highlighting how quickly we got our town back on track and how we can still out price and out rent many significant areas of Australia?

I am truly done with the bullshit.  I challenge Murdoch’s group to go to all of the places across Australia that they happily released media on in time of disaster & do some positive follow up interviews.

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Latest Mining Update – Is Gina On Her Way?


gina image

Ok we got this update through late last night just after finally loading the blog site.  I was a bit over it all by then so here it is now.

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