Take the Headache Out Of Purchasing!

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If you want to deal with one agent but view ALL properties, call me first!

Note: FEE FREE service if you have not spoken to any other agents of listed properties

What I do:

  1. Help you find the right area to buy in.
  2. Organise appointment times for all properties.
  3. Evaluate and compare properties based on their potential as a home or as an investment, including land valuations & flood information.
  4. Negotiate the purchase price and conditions in favour of the buyer. This may include bidding at auction.
  5. Preparing contract documents.
  6. Managing your settlement process to its completion.
  7. Finding a suitable property manager if your purchase property is an investment & Liaise with property manager until tenanted.

I also offer a specialised service for out of town buyers.  Please inquire below & I will run through the successful process that has helped many out of town buyers find their new homes/investment properties.


Why Buy This Way?

Many of my clients have admitted to being time poor, especially those moving to the Bundaberg region from out town.  Finding the right property while still trying to work & run a family can be very stressful & costly – I take care of all of this for you.

Scrolling through Domain or realestate.com.au have falsely lured many a buyer into thinking, armed with all the knowledge that the internet provides, that they can manage the many agents & clients solely.  I can provide access to much more information then the general real estate searches online can provide ensuring you have ALL the information on the property before signing a contract.

Traditional real estate agents are trained to negotiate on behalf of vendors, they in most cases do not have any relationship with a buyer, especially if they know the buyer has spoken to a list full of agents in town.

As this is usually a persons biggest asset and greatest expense,  I make sure that when you go to contract on a property you a fully aware of what you are buying and happy with your purchase.

According to the ATO data, 72.8% of individuals that owned an investment property owned just one. Meanwhile, 18.9% of individuals owned 2 properties while just 0.9% of individuals owned 6 or more.

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Investment Properties – Buying an investment property requires quite a lot of knowledge, hence why many people stop after one or two.  To create a healthy investment vehicle which does not just benefit you in the present but also the future, it takes more then just buyer & agent.   To do so the involvement of accountants, financiers, financial planners & solicitors must be included.

We work in with the professionals you already have in place or recommend professionals for you to work with.  Knowledge is valuable for all clients when making any purchase, especially for the investor & it is of utmost important to us that you are armed with everything you need to purchase a successful investment property.

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