Latest Article: Throwing a house party beats picking up chicks in a dual cab ute!

Throwing a house party beats picking up chicks in a dual cab ute!

As an 18 year old, I see my peers often on the rampage of taking out a loan for a car.

The words, ‘check out my new car!’ followed by friends in “AWE“, is something commonly found within my age group.  The amount of debt they just entered into for the car is not ever mentioned, nor months down the track when the reality of the loan repayments has started to kick in.

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Stop Paying Rent!

STOP Paying Rent Today!!

Great to see an award winning builder being apart of such a fantastic way for our first home buyers to enter the market…
Thank you Bright Life Homes 🙂

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How does Solar Power Increase your Home Value?

When thinking about solar power, most of the people think about slashing their electricity bill.


ASIC Recommendations Against Real Estate Scams

You know the old saying – “when something seems to good to be true…it probably is”. Well, it’s never been more applicable when it comes to attractive real estate scams. These are the recommendations of the ASIC to avoid them: Continue reading ASIC Recommendations Against Real Estate Scams

Now is the time to Invest in Queensland!

If you are wondering “where should I invest in Australia?”  Here is your answer! 

Queensland is definitely the place to invest in 2015, and these are the reasons why… Continue reading Now is the time to Invest in Queensland!

Property Ownership in Parliament 2015

Australia’s MPs currently used more properties for investment or commercial purposes (291 properties) than for residential or recreational purposes (250 properties).

But of the 226 members of Parliament, 84 of them hold at least one investment property and at least one mortgage or investment loan, meaning they are possibly negative gearing.

Parliament’s register of members’ interest does not disclose if its members who hold a loan against their investment properties are negatively geared.

But as one federal politician told Fairfax Media, after admitting he negatively geared a second property: “If someone has more than one mortgage of course they’re negatively gearing. You’d be an idiot not to.”


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The Words that could add value to your listing, and those that could cost you.

If one of the following words accurately describes your home, you might want to consider adding it to your listing.

1. Luxurious

,Lower-priced listings with the word “luxurious” sold for 8.2 percent more on average than expected. “Luxurious” signals that a home’s finishes and amenities are high-end. This is a huge selling point, particularly in this price range. Continue reading The Words that could add value to your listing, and those that could cost you.

Negative Gearing vs Positive Gearing- Which Investment strategy will work best for you?

Many people still do not understand the crucial difference between negative gearing and positive gearing when investing in real estate, here are some pros and cons for each strategy.

TOP 50 Most Trusted Jobs in Australia – Real Estate DISGRACE

real estate at the bottom
Real Estate ALERT – We Really Need to Do Something About this List in 2015
 I’m not sure what is more scary, that our profession as Real Estate Sales People/Agents is so poor, or that the men & women, namely the Politicians who run the country are rated below us.  At least we are rated above the sex working industry, with them rated below is actually frightening!

But wait, there’s more!

GREEN reasons to invest in Queensland

We all know it, solar, especially in our country, is the way to go, the future, the solution.

But did you know that Bundaberg is the leading solar suburb for most solar PV systems in Australia, Queensland having the largest number of solar PV installations of any state

And now, The Sunshine State will soon be home to the biggest solar farm in Australia. Continue reading GREEN reasons to invest in Queensland

Queensland Politicians Impressive Property Portofolio

This is GOLD!

I found this data on the website and could not resist sharing it with you!

Queensland parliamentarians are heavily invested in the property game. The 89 members of Australia’s only unicameral legislative assembly have stake in a total of 195 properties – an average of 2.2 properties per member, conservatively valued at around $91 million, calculated by multiplying the Brisbane median residential dwelling price of $466,500 (as at December 2014) by 195 properties.

politics and real estate

ScreenHunter_5779 Jan. 29 06.51

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Print vs Online Real Estate Marketting

Facts about Real Estate Marketing: Print and Online [infographic]

Melissa Gaultier

The Real Estate industry is full of all types of professionals with their own special way of doing things. Some of the older players prefer to lean on local print media to attract buyers while the younger bucks can often rely entirely on online media.

However, as our infographic shows, buyers utilise a variety of touch-points when considering a property purchase and the best real estate professionals will incorporate all of these to successfully sell a property.


Real estate marketing

Tailor Made Investment Properties….The Future of Investing STARTS RIGHT NOW 2015!

tailor made

What is the ‘Tailor Made’ concept?

Over the past few years, I’ve watched the frustration of many property investors who seek stock to extend their property investment portfolios often miss out on new estates as the prices indicated by land developers & builders climb.

In essence, the ‘Tailor Made’ concept, is YOU as the investor telling US, how much you can comfortably afford & we prepare the best house & land or off the plan investment scenario for that price.

Generally we specialise in two types of investment clients:

  1. People looking for tax breaks
  2. People wanting to put new property in SMSF

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Bundaberg suburb Coral Cove about to BOOM!

coral cove

“This is prime coastal real estate in a region experiencing population growth and in need of new affordable housing.

Mr Seeney said Austcorp’s master planned, residential community development in Coral Cove had the potential to provide more than 4,300 jobs across the life of the project, and provide up to 670 new housing lots.

“This development will provide a significant boost to the local construction industry over a period of 15 years and make a real difference in an area estimated to need an additional 750 houses per annum in coming years,” he said.

“The coastal strip from Burnett Heads to Elliott Heads is proving to be a popular place to live and I expect the Coral Cove development to tap into that interest.”

“More information about a Ministerial call available at     or

Melissa Gaultier

Investment House & Land Packages

due diligence


This month we have seen a rise in clients actually picking up the phone & doing their due diligence, when buying off the plan House & Land Packages!  Good Job guys, I’m very impressed.

With many investment consultants selling house & land packages to their often “New Clients” for tax depreciation purposes, it is imperative buyers do some investigation for themselves. So who do you turn to? Continue reading Investment House & Land Packages

DOMAIN to take on in Queensland


What an interesting week in real Estate this week, as we got to meet our new DOMAIN Real Estate Accounts Rep for the Wide Bay Region – Jay Arthur.  Poor Jay had his work cut out for him.  Although DOMAIN has been leading the way in southern states of Australia, it’s rival was & is in truth to be told, owning the Queensland market currently.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this would come from being so good at their jobs, as they are not!

The local rep is appalling, customer service in general disgraceful & hugely over priced, with offices paying over $1000 – $5000 a month or more in some cases, just for the privilege of advertising with them.  Remember this is only a part of an agencies advertising budget a month for their clients. Continue reading DOMAIN to take on in Queensland

Masters Home Improvement Store Coming to Bundaberg

masters logo

Masters Home Improvement store in Bundaberg called in

The Queensland Government has decided to call in the development application for the proposed Masters Home Improvement store in Bundaberg. Continue reading Masters Home Improvement Store Coming to Bundaberg

Overseas Investment In Bundaberg Coastline


I feel very privileged to be working with overseas investors who have targeted not only Australia over several other beautiful countries in the world to buy as the destination for their new holiday homes, but our region itself!

You could say I am a little bias calling picturesque Moore Park Beach home, but I feel confident in saying, we are definitely the Coast With The Most!”

So what is it that seems to allure adventurous Europeans & other nationalities to call Bundaberg’s Coral Isle home away from home?

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Rental Demand Bundaberg

Investors – I refer to the article written in our local Newsmail recently…

Got to love how the media takes 10% of reality to create a story.

media lying

Two things to remember when you read articles like this;

  1. They have interviewed one local agent only.
  2. The REIQ the Newsmail’s only other source, is not an actual legal governing body, they are a marketing institution for agents who want to pay for the forms they provide- that’s it.  They may wrap themselves in a image of authority, but they are nothing more then a business who makes money off real estate agents!

Rental Demand Reality- ANYTHING IN BUNDABERG ITSELF UNDER $380.00 per week RENT, walks out the door, as in can’t get enough houses compared to tenant demand – each surrounding beach area is viewed differently by tenants, so check with a number of agents when researching a coastal area to buy an investment property!

Melissa Gaultier

Site chosen for proposed Baffle Creek surf park

surf park

Exiting news for the region! click on this link to learn more:

Melissa Gaultier

New online mapping tool to explore Queensland , perfect for investors/developers


Qtopo is an online mapping tool which allow users to view and explore Queensland’s topographic data, which is really handy for all those in the property business

Informations accessible includes:

-best available contours

-property boundaries

-roads and tracks

-GIS tools and more

Getting started:

Desktop version:

Mobile devices:

Melissa Gaultier

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