Customer Service and the Happiness Factor   At a seminar sometime ago, I heard a young man speaking about the computer world & the need for someone to bridge the gap between everyday people & computer genius.  He was basing his business model around,  interpreting nerd talk to the rest of the world, that is exactly how he named the mission statement – nerd to normal. I have pondered on this for sometime now & noticed within my own industry that there was a need to also close the gap. There shouldn’t be such a division between those who make money & those who do not.  Especially when, division is usually only due to lack of knowledge. Reflecting on how many people I knew who made financial decisions based only on the information they had learnt to date without doing any further research into options.

The number didn’t take long to add up.  To many, these where huge financially life changing decisions. Don’t be fooled to think that only mum & dad buyers lack knowledge.  Developers & marketers do also.  They are even worse in some respects, as they create models & develop whole companies, staffing them heavily around these models. The old saying, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it applies.  I have watched million dollar companies come unstuck from environmental changes and unforeseen circumstances. Their ability to change is much harder & affects many more people down the line.  The financial hurts get harder the further down the line they go.  Where they stop is when the mum & dad buyer just got financially run over from the unforeseen circumstances & the inability to change which started so far away from them. Many of these companies re emerge by just starting again with a different name, but the mess left behind can be catastrophic. There are many cases where companies & businesses have been forced to close for genuine reasons & I have actually on a small scale had this happen to myself.  It is incorrect to think that the company & people behind these decisions are always in the wrong.  Regardless, messes are made & peoples lives are affected.

The world is constantly evolving, as is the economy, we too need to be able to evolve & survive these changes. What is it that defines who we are?  Is it our past? A little.  Is it the car we drive, the gadgets our children have, the pool in the back yard?  No, it is the desires that we hold, the future that we want & the one we should have, but aren’t always striving for. Desires can be different depending on the person behind the desire and the years that have lead them to where they are now.  In an attempt to define desire, we need to separate the material objects to the inner needs.  Is this desire a tangible asset or something more personal.  An inner desire may be a person who has had an accident & have the desire to walk again, or a child wanting to gain entrance into a particular school, it could be the desire to gain this placement.  It is important and not shameful that we work on both aspects of our life at the same time, thus forever progressing our capabilities.

Goal setting is imperative & together we learn to set goals & physically achieve them.  It is important for our continue positive growth to achieve our goals.  If a goal has not been achieved in the past, you will find that there is usually only one thing stopping us, our mindset.  We may convince ourselves that it is an object like money stopping us, but in reality it is our mindset that causes that object. Change the mindset, remove the object & achieve the goal, it actually is that simple.  It does require hard work, but not the type of hard work that most will first think.  Its not the physical hard work that is our obstacle, its the mental & the changes in ones life that need to take place before fulfillment will happen that is the challenge.  The ability to work on yourself and then change those things about yourself, is a little harder then one first thinks, some more so than others, depending on the years of conditioning into a particular mindset. Being wealthy is achievable for anyone.  Being wealthy in property, is achievable for anyone. However, in an industry often related to greed and crooked deals, has seen many marketers & agents overlook that the essence of circulating money & sales is through referrals. A strong referral network keeps them employed.  A strong referral network comes from a partnership with a client.  A bond is formed & trust is met.

success in real estate

My job is to bring together the network of people who will help you form your wealth & protect you from the ones that wish to bleed you dry. This is done through information.  You will see this written everywhere I am associated, information is the key to all investing, buying, selling as well as the growth of ones mindset. Many brilliant books have been written telling you how to get rich, but who holds your hand along the way?  I do & my network does.  What we don’t do unlike other businesses, is give each other financial kickbacks for a client referred.  We do often collaborate on a project for a client, but each person or business plays their part & is governed under a separate business structure.  Our kickbacks if you like, are referrals & knowing that our customers are looked after, this alone keeps everyone working hard for their clients. My goal is to grow your knowledge & help you form connections.  We’ve all been a little burnt by the financial industry in some way, however big or small.  Some may laugh & say, burnt, I’ve been actually set alight, yes that happens too in this industry.

My message is, that it doesn’t always have to be this way.  It is although often the way you choose your network.  The first question you program yourself to know about any new person you let be privileged to be a part of your network & form part of your information source,  is what they count first, people or money. We will teach you how to recognise this.  Respect that everyone needs to make money, the key to a great network on your path to wealth, is to always think about the other people involved, it’s not entirely just about you, it can’t be for wealth to circulate.  Ask yourself this, in my project, who are the people involved & is everyone making money fairly & legally?  Remember your wealth creation requires a desire, a clear mind set & a great team.


Melissa Gaultier


About Me – Melissa is a down to earth business woman, wife & mother. Her focus & attention is on her clients & their needs, which sees her receive strong referral clientele.

Coming from a family of builders, her  interest in property began at the age of 8, when her parents would talk about the possibilities that could be…. with these tangible assets.

She was 19 when she first tried her hand at real estate sales.  Nowadays you will often see her working alongside her husband Jules Gaultier & possibly with one of her five children in tow.

Q & A

What is your favourite saying..Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way!

What do you always strive to do for your clients…“Stay true to my word.”

What are you supporting at the moment…our sponsor child  from EAMO east-african-mission-orphanage-logo

East African Mission Orphanage EAMO (East African Mission Orphanage) was established in 1997 by Australian couple, Ralph and May Spinks who today provide a loving home for hundreds of orphaned children including babies and teenage mothers.  EAMO is registered as a charitable institution with the Kenyan Government for the purpose of caring for children in desperate need and is taking up the challenge of finding and caring for orphaned children before they reach the streets of Kenya.