DOMAIN to take on in Queensland


What an interesting week in real Estate this week, as we got to meet our new DOMAIN Real Estate Accounts Rep for the Wide Bay Region – Jay Arthur.  Poor Jay had his work cut out for him.  Although DOMAIN has been leading the way in southern states of Australia, it’s rival was & is in truth to be told, owning the Queensland market currently.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this would come from being so good at their jobs, as they are not!

The local rep is appalling, customer service in general disgraceful & hugely over priced, with offices paying over $1000 – $5000 a month or more in some cases, just for the privilege of advertising with them.  Remember this is only a part of an agencies advertising budget a month for their clients. Continue reading DOMAIN to take on in Queensland

Overseas Investment In Bundaberg Coastline


I feel very privileged to be working with overseas investors who have targeted not only Australia over several other beautiful countries in the world to buy as the destination for their new holiday homes, but our region itself!

You could say I am a little bias calling picturesque Moore Park Beach home, but I feel confident in saying, we are definitely the Coast With The Most!”

So what is it that seems to allure adventurous Europeans & other nationalities to call Bundaberg’s Coral Isle home away from home?

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Rental Demand Bundaberg

Investors – I refer to the article written in our local Newsmail recently…

Got to love how the media takes 10% of reality to create a story.

media lying

Two things to remember when you read articles like this;

  1. They have interviewed one local agent only.
  2. The REIQ the Newsmail’s only other source, is not an actual legal governing body, they are a marketing institution for agents who want to pay for the forms they provide- that’s it.  They may wrap themselves in a image of authority, but they are nothing more then a business who makes money off real estate agents!

Rental Demand Reality- ANYTHING IN BUNDABERG ITSELF UNDER $380.00 per week RENT, walks out the door, as in can’t get enough houses compared to tenant demand – each surrounding beach area is viewed differently by tenants, so check with a number of agents when researching a coastal area to buy an investment property!

Melissa Gaultier

Site chosen for proposed Baffle Creek surf park

surf park

Exiting news for the region! click on this link to learn more:

Melissa Gaultier

New online mapping tool to explore Queensland , perfect for investors/developers


Qtopo is an online mapping tool which allow users to view and explore Queensland’s topographic data, which is really handy for all those in the property business

Informations accessible includes:

-best available contours

-property boundaries

-roads and tracks

-GIS tools and more

Getting started:

Desktop version:

Mobile devices:

Melissa Gaultier

Moore Park Beach Video! Best lifestyle in the WORLD!

Please allow video to load

We have several blocks of land and houses to sell in Moore Park Beach, do not miss out!

Probably one of the best lifestyle in the WORLD!


Parasites of disaster

The media really piss me off in times of natural disaster.   I know it’s great for ratings, but could they stimulate something positive at least some of the time.  I ask, where is our follow up interview in Bundaberg, highlighting how quickly we got our town back on track and how we can still out price and out rent many significant areas of Australia?

I am truly done with the bullshit.  I challenge Murdoch’s group to go to all of the places across Australia that they happily released media on in time of disaster & do some positive follow up interviews.

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Little Pot Of Gold


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We woke up on Sunday morning with the idea of driving around the Coral Coast taking some more photos for you all.  Our biggest problem was where to start.  The Coral Coast is so accessible from Bundaberg itself.  Agnes Waters, 121km away, is the most northern town & Burrum Heads 109 km, the most southern.  We decided to keep it to the coast so we could take the little boys & they could swim along the way at our various stops.  So armed with togs, towels, scooters we started off. Continue reading Little Pot Of Gold