ASIC Recommendations Against Real Estate Scams

You know the old saying – “when something seems to good to be true…it probably is”. Well, it’s never been more applicable when it comes to attractive real estate scams. These are the recommendations of the ASIC to avoid them: Continue reading ASIC Recommendations Against Real Estate Scams

Can I Kill Your Dog PLEASE!!!


Ok so that’s a tad dramatic.  I am female after all,  so I reckon I can get away with a small array of dramatics from time to time.   I couldn’t really kill a dog, I just want it to shut up.  I just NEED to sleep sometime this year. Lack of sleep affects 1 in 4 people so I’m told by my doctor.  I’m certain, that currently I’m the one in the four.

Ask yourself, how much sleep you are currently getting on average a night? We don’t realise how important sleep is for our daily working routine, until we experience a period where we are deprived from it.

From the Harvard Medical School – Sleep, Performance, and Public Safety Lack of sleep exacts a toll on perception and judgment. In the workplace, its effects can be seen in reduced efficiency and productivity, errors, and accidents.

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Is This An Act Of Terrorism?


This morning I woke to what I believe is a horrendous crime.   A book tossed outside amongst the debris.

How could this be?  Who put this here?  A child I assume.

I sit shocked at how my parenting has dwindled.   How did my world get so busy that I have obviously not expressed clearly enough to one of my children how precious books are, and pass on the knowledge that these forms of art are someone’s tireless effort creating something to offer back to the world?  Instead this work of art has been left abandoned & outcast as rubble & mistaken as of no importance.

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What Is Creative Real Estate?


I’m speaking to agents now….THROW the training manuals in the bin & get out in the real world!  Who invented this stuff.  The world is moving so fast, these manuals CAN NOT & DO NOT keep up with the reality in selling & current markets.  They are a guideline only!  Try something new. HELP your clients achieve what they need by thinking differently.  STOP selling auction methods in markets where auctions don’t thrive in, meaning they are not in favour of your vendor only the buyer.  Stop jamming vendor paid advertising down your clients throat as the first option, because that’s the only method you understand & have been taught.  Each sale needs to be individually assessed.

We are in a buyers market! Creative real estate comes into play in a buyers market, because YOU need to come up with something unique now to help your clients sell at a price they will be happy with.  In a market flooded with sellers that NEED to sell and savvy buyers who have researched the market well,  who have a clear and defined idea of what it is they want to buy, how are you going to put your vendors interests first?

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Get A Load Of These Guys!!

Childers In The SPOTLIGHT!!

Have a look, who was out to play while we were visiting Mountain Haven Villas Estate the other day!


These guys cracked me up.  When I tried to get close enough to get a good photo, they all went from lying around, to ears pricked up and standing to attention.  It was about two o’clock in the afternoon & it was as if they knew that they still had a good hour to snooze in the playground before the kids returned from school and wanted it back!  I was apparently upsetting the local community routine….it was really really funny.   Just another day at the office!  As you can see it’s a hard working life here in the Bundy region wouldn’t you agree?

Talk Soon


Melissa Gaultier

See ya later alligator


The five people who influence us the most…&  the ones who need ditching!

Firstly let’s define influence.  The Oxford dictionary defines influence as, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

With that in mind, let’s have a good look at the five people who we spend most of our time with & therefore influence our thought processes.

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