Melissa Gaultier’s interest in property began at the tender age of 8, being brought up in a building family, her parents would talk about the possibilities that could be…. with these tangible assets.

She was 18 when she tried her hand at real estate sales for the first time.  Later marrying and having four children.  She became a stay at home mum &  began to grow her property and business portfolio.

This investment chapter in her life, came to a crashing end after her husband had a terrible accident along with several other unpredictable unfortunate events which were thrust upon their family.  The family was left distraught and devastated both emotionally and financially, eventually ending in the divide, which left her with no money and four children.

Melissa lives and breathes her children & her desire to re emerge began an interesting journey for the girl who spent her formative years in Bathurst & Crocker Island, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.  Melissa’s family lived in various places, but spent many years in Townsville North Queensland, where Melissa grew her love for Ballroom Dancing.

Like all good endings, Melissa emerged & returned to the industry which she so much loves & vowed to be a part of a different world of investing, uniting property owners through networking with associated industry & learning.  Later marrying myself, Jules Gaultier (lucky woman).  Together we wish to revolutionise an industry often fraught with a negative image.

The most important lesson Melissa wants to leave, is to that to her children, stimulated from her belief that every single person has at least one gift….Use your gift to give to the world & keep that giving circulating.  It will come back and  bless you as thankfulness.  Use this thankfulness to become everything you want to be & achieve everything you want to have.  

Everyday strive to be a better person, so that the people around you can also be better people.  Grow your knowledge, as knowledge and information are the key to success.  Find like minded people to surround yourself with and cut out the negative.   Be the founder of your own belief system, develop it everyday and then live and breath by it.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are the essence of a moral being, but just because you possess these qualities, does not mean you shall be weak & taken for granted.  And most importantly learn to evolve & keep evolving, the ability to be able to adapt, change, make mistakes & learn from them, defines the person who you really are.”

Melissa is a down to earth business woman, wife & mother. Her focus & attention on her clients & their needs, sees her receive strong referral clientele.

How do you see yourself?  “I am very happy with my journey.  A sad past, can only lead to a brighter future!”

Who has been your confidant & most influential personal in your life…“Actually, my Mum, I love her to bits, she’s the best role model for a Mother, I was also fortunate to have a strong & amazing Nan…go the girls in our family!” My Mothers favourite saying which I still live by today, is…Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way!!!!

Who is your best friend…“You Jules, my husband.”

What do you always strive to do for your clients…“Stay true to my word.”

What are you supporting at the moment…“Ashley Obama, our sponser child from EAMO & I’m kicking off a charity called 300 Wishes in memory of my dear friend Janice Blair’s son Jack who passed away in 2013, he was only 11 years old.”


East African Mission Orphanage

EAMO (East African Mission Orphanage) was established in 1997 by Australian couple, Ralph and May Spinks who today provide a loving home for hundreds of orphaned children including babies and teenage mothers.  EAMO is registered as a charitable institution with the Kenyan Government for the purpose of caring for children in desperate need and is taking up the challenge of finding and caring for orphaned children before they reach the streets of Kenya.

300wishes   in loving memory of Jack Blair

What are you working on?  “Besides what is happening with evolving Real Estate Investment Properties & the charity, I’m working on a clothing label for corporate women based around a 1940/50’s style.  Its all about shape & fabric with the goal to remain affordable, with the ability to give back to whatever community ethically & financially in which ever country we end up kicking it off in.  The controlling country will always be Australia, but I would like to be able to do my bit for humanity by being a good example of healthy business practices in third world countries.”

Any final words? “Hmm I talk an awful lot, so as you would say Jules, “But of course” (See I’m finally sounding a little French like you)…”Be yourself & be professional at the same time.  There isn’t a shape we must fit into, we create this idea with what we think society wants from us.  I simply refuse to be put in a box, nor have my children identified this way.  Remember good manners, as that will take you much much further then any degree & remember to say I’m sorry, this doesn’t make you weak, but actually human.  Think big as a plaque on our family room wall says,  then THINK BIGGER and on the days when your problems are overwhelming, tell yourself to suck it up & move right along.”

“Most importantly….BE THANKFUL!”

by Jules Gaultier

You can talk to Melissa directly +61428968832

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