TOP 50 Most Trusted Jobs in Australia – Real Estate DISGRACE

real estate at the bottom
Real Estate ALERT – We Really Need to Do Something About this List in 2015
 I’m not sure what is more scary, that our profession as Real Estate Sales People/Agents is so poor, or that the men & women, namely the Politicians who run the country are rated below us.  At least we are rated above the sex working industry, with them rated below is actually frightening!

Collectively we need to change a mindset of millions to get bumped up a level or 10.  Realistically though, if everyone was doing their jobs correctly & professionally, we should be right up the top.  Why?  Well, we are being trusted with most peoples biggest asset/s.  How we conduct ourselves with those assets, creates our reputation.  2015 is a new year, clients need to be able to TRUST their Real Estate Sales People/Agents…Let’s climb that ladder!!
1.         Paramedics
2.         Firefighters
3.         Rescue volunteers
4.         Nurses
5.         Doctors
5.         Pilots
7.         Pharmacists
8.         Air traffic controllers
8.         Farmers
8.         Veterinarians
11.      Police
12.      Armed forces personnel
12.      Scientists
14.      Teachers
14.      Dentists
16.      Childcare workers
17.      Bus/train/tram drivers
18.      Flight attendants
19.      Locksmiths
20.      Hairdressers
21.      Postal workers
22.      Computer technicians
22.      Waiters
22.      Plumbers
25.      Accountants
25.      Cleaners
27.      Security guards
27.      Builders
27.      Mechanics
30.      Shop assistants
30.      Truck drivers
32.      Professional sportspeople
33.      Alternative health practitioners
34.      Bankers
35.      Financial planners
36.      Tow-truck drivers
36.      Charity collectors
36.      Lawyers
36.      Clergy (all religions)
40.      Airport baggage handlers
41.      Taxi drivers
42.      Journalists
43.      CEOs
43.      Radio talkback hosts
45.      Real estate agents
45.      Call centre staff
47.      Sex workers
47.      Insurance salespeople
49.      Politicians
50.      Door-to-door salespeople


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