GREEN reasons to invest in Queensland

By gotoadmin Feb 12, 2015

We all know it, solar, especially in our country, is the way to go, the future, the solution.

But did you know that Bundaberg is the leading solar suburb for most solar PV systems in Australia, Queensland having the largest number of solar PV installations of any state

And now, The Sunshine State will soon be home to the biggest solar farm in Australia.

Finally something that makes sense!

Australia’s largest solar farm will be built south-west of Toowoomba by developer Solar Choice starting construction next year.

The 5,000 hectare site at Bulli Creek, near Millmerran will run 8 kilometres wide. On completion the farm would be capable of producing 2,000 megawatts (MW) – more power than any one coal-fired power station in Queensland. The proposal would see the solar farm built in multiple 100MW-plus stages over a period of eight years.

Did you know?

-Queensland has the largest number of solar PV installations of any state, followed by New South Wales and Victoria. Australian households in outer metropolitan suburbs with high concentrations of home mortgages have a higher proportion of rooftops with solar PV than other suburbs

-Australian scientists have always been at the forefront on solar technology, making the first solar hot water heaters in Australia in 1941 and playing a significant role in improving solar PV panel efficiency. Australia is well placed to continue to play a global leadership role in solar energy

-Germany receives less sunlight than Victoria but has more installed capacity than any other country due to a significant program of policy support.

-The cost of buying a solar PV system today is less than a quarter of the price a decade ago.

• Over 1 million rooftop solar PV systems have been installed in Australia, up from 8,000 in 2007. About 2.6 million people, 11% of our population, now use the sun for their electricity needs. -Globally, the cost of producing solar panels fell 75% between 2008 and 2011.

QLD Leading the solar change


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