Tailor Made Investment Properties….The Future of Investing STARTS RIGHT NOW 2015!

tailor made

What is the ‘Tailor Made’ concept?

Over the past few years, I’ve watched the frustration of many property investors who seek stock to extend their property investment portfolios often miss out on new estates as the prices indicated by land developers & builders climb.

In essence, the ‘Tailor Made’ concept, is YOU as the investor telling US, how much you can comfortably afford & we prepare the best house & land or off the plan investment scenario for that price.

Generally we specialise in two types of investment clients:

  1. People looking for tax breaks
  2. People wanting to put new property in SMSF

Now we can custom design your investment house & land or off the the plan package in five easy steps.

  1. Call or email for a property investment scenario based on your individual needs, in the price range you give us.
  2. Prepare the information for you to peruse in your own time, asking as many questions as you need.
  3. Help you complete your due diligence, ensuring the investment property will work for you  & deliver to you your required outcome, using professionals you already use, or introduce you to ones you may be missing from your investing contact list.
  4. Build the property on time & on budget using quality products!
  5. Put tenants in your new property.

*  Please note –  A SMSF can purchase ‘Off the plan’ property. The deposit and  costs such as the stamp duty to secure the purchase are typically paid using existing cash funds in super. Once the property is completed and strata titled,  finance can be used to complete the purchase in line with the banks limited recourse lending requirements. A SMSF cannot purchase land and construct a house on the block using borrowings, or purchase a house and land package using borrowings (this can breach the “single acquirable asset rule”). However In some circumstances  vendors or developers may offer an off plan house and land package. The rules are constantly changing so check with an accountant or financial planner or the ATO if you are unsure how it may affect you. – mymoneycalculator.com.au Looking forward to working with you in 2015!  contact info: Melissa Gaultier email: info@gotoproperty.com.au phone:0428968832

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