Overseas Investment In Bundaberg Coastline


I feel very privileged to be working with overseas investors who have targeted not only Australia over several other beautiful countries in the world to buy as the destination for their new holiday homes, but our region itself!

You could say I am a little bias calling picturesque Moore Park Beach home, but I feel confident in saying, we are definitely the Coast With The Most!”

So what is it that seems to allure adventurous Europeans & other nationalities to call Bundaberg’s Coral Isle home away from home?

I’m told it is a combination of our picturesque uninterrupted caostlines, combined with of course our friendly laid back Australian lifestyles and the fact that we have beaches which can be swum at all year round.  My new European friends tell me that as they are used to cooler temperatures in the sea, they have no issue with swimming at any time of the year throughout the Wide Bay.  We have amazing wildlife literally living amongst our homes, but not the threat of crocodiles & stingers as our friends to the North experience.  (Ok sometimes we see a few of the milder stingers swim by, but its rare & they are literally here today, gone tomorrow).

I have personally lived in many beautiful places in Australia & I can say with confidence that our coastline is the place with it all.  It is a great privilege for us to be welcoming overseas holiday makers.  They invest large amounts of money in our local economy, are gracious visitors for approximately six to eight weeks a year & have utmost respect & feel privileged to have come across such a beautiful destination!

I’d like to personally Welcome Our new Friends!!!


Melissa Gaultier

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