Rental Demand Bundaberg

Investors – I refer to the article written in our local Newsmail recently…

Got to love how the media takes 10% of reality to create a story.

media lying

Two things to remember when you read articles like this;

  1. They have interviewed one local agent only.
  2. The REIQ the Newsmail’s only other source, is not an actual legal governing body, they are a marketing institution for agents who want to pay for the forms they provide- that’s it.  They may wrap themselves in a image of authority, but they are nothing more then a business who makes money off real estate agents!

Rental Demand Reality- ANYTHING IN BUNDABERG ITSELF UNDER $380.00 per week RENT, walks out the door, as in can’t get enough houses compared to tenant demand – each surrounding beach area is viewed differently by tenants, so check with a number of agents when researching a coastal area to buy an investment property!

Melissa Gaultier

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