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The Importance Of Communicating On Your Listing Forms

(Due to privacy, we have named the male sales agent Fred!).

On a weekly residential sale’s run a few years ago, a colleague had arranged for our sales team to inspect a property. He had listed the property some time ago & hadn’t been able to sell it.

So there we appeared.  Myself, the male colleague/listing agent, & another male sales agent.  The door opened & Fred was greeted by his female client with a huge smile.  Introductions took place and his client was all smiles until she saw me!

Her face dropped and expression turned soar.  Looking me up and down she said “Fred!”  “I thought we discussed this, what is she doing here?”  Fred looked at me a little confused, as did myself & the other agent.  No one said anything for quite a while.  The client glared at me as though if she starred long enough I would set on fire.

fire picture

In this quite awkward moment, I searched back through my previous encounters to see if I had met this women somewhere before.  I just could not place her, I was certain we had never met.  I looked at my colleagues, Fred still looking blank and a little confused and my other colleague with eyes that warned, code red, code red.

I was just about to say, maybe I should wait in the car, when the client piped up….”Well, she’s here now I suppose,” and opened the door for us to come in.

It took the whole inspection for the client to speak with me and eventually let down her guard.

Happy and contented that I had finally won over the client, I was quite happy, considering less then an hour ago, she would have preferred to see me floating face down in the neighbours garden pond.  I got in the car & said to Fred, “WTF was that shit?”

Fred replied, “Well, it took me awhile to work out what she was on about, but yeah, then I remembered that at the time of listing the only request she made was, never under any circumstances bring a female real estate sale agent in my house!”

I starred at him for a moment & said, “AAH & you didn’t at any time think that maybe just maybe, you should communicate this bit of vital information with the office & put it on your listing form?”

“Why, doesn’t she like female agents?” I asked “Don’t know,” he said, “I never thought to ask her.”

HMM – luckily Fred didn’t lose that listing & in fact I think it ended up selling by the office, but it did make me think, thank goodness it wasn’t about a vicious dog he had forgotten to inform us of!

Agents….Listing forms aren’t just for authority to sell a property.  If you aren’t in the office and another member of your team need to handle a client for you on a property you have listed, make sure you leave information of importance which has been communicated to you by your clients on your listing form.

The important word here is COMMUNICATION. If there is something dangerous or a little unusual about your listing, let your team know!

Melissa Gaultier

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