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The five people who influence us the most…&  the ones who need ditching!

Firstly let’s define influence.  The Oxford dictionary defines influence as, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

With that in mind, let’s have a good look at the five people who we spend most of our time with & therefore influence our thought processes.

  1. Who are they?
  1. How do they speak & act to others?

If one of your influences is a person who you dread to ask how their day is, as the response is always “doom & gloom” making you feel like you’d prefer to throw yourself in front of a passing car, then listen to another morning of…”Do you really want to know, cause last night bla bla bla.”

NO you don’t want to know, this is self preservation people!!!!

If you can’t physically ditch them (they might actually be your boss or the receptionist you have to walk by every morning),  then limit your time with them, learn some techniques on how not to take on board their negativity & create some boundaries for the relationship.

Here is a technique you can try.  Every time they say something negative, provide a positive angle as a rebuttable, than politely leave them to think about that.  Make sure you have the last say & make it positive.  So for once, instead of your encounter with this person leaving you like your day just ended before it began, walk away with a spring in your step & them sitting there to squirm in the new feeling of happiness you just left them in.  If nothing else it might just shut them up for awhile.  As they are so used to controlling & consuming the conversation with their morbid ways, they won’t know how to act while left in a positive state.

If you continue to do this, you may see their body language & their own words become more positive.  If after several attempts over a period of time, they continue to be negative, then it’s time to revert to the above, ditch or limit time with them.

Now this is all good and well if it is a friend, relative or even a staff member, but what do you do if it is a client?

If you understand body language, you would have already worked out from your first encounter with them whether this client/agent relationship is going to work.  Your job is to get control of this situation & get your client on a positive path.  If after some time trying to work your magic, you are still not making any headway, don’t be afraid to refer them to someone else.

I can assure you it is not worth the listing, if the time spent with them is negative and unproductive.  They will consume you and your time with your other clients.

How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye?

When you have effectively communicated with your client regularly, handled your listing professionally & tried to sway them onto a positive path, with no results.

After you have done all of this (and be honest with yourself, have you really been professional), you need to have a good think about how this client makes you feel.

If you dread every meeting, every phone call with them, because you have nothing else as a person or professional to give to them, then time is up, move them along.

It is normal to have some negativity in selling.  Normally you should be able to move past this or overcome this.  But if you can’t, face the facts, it’s time for you to wave them goodbye, it doesn’t make you a bad sales person, quite the opposite, it makes you a smart sales person!

If you don’t set them free, you will be doing an injustice to all your other clients who deserve your attention!



Melissa Gaultier

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