Is Bundaberg The Next Townsville?

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I can’t help feeling here in mighty Bundaberg hub of the Coral Isle, we are 10 – 15 years behind Townsville.  I spent many years in Townsville growing up & the first thing that attracted me to the Coral Coast in particular the Bundaberg Region, was how much it reminded me of Townsville as a child.  It really was like stepping back in time.  Have a look at how far Townsville has come today.  I truly believe you will see the same progression in and around Bundaberg.  Lets compare:

General Information

Townsville – current population 170,000 (Since amalgamation of councils)

Bundaberg – current population 100,000(Since amalgamation of councils).  Townsville’s population was equivalent 2001

Townsville was Founded – 1865

Bundaberg was Founded – 1879

Surrounding Islands of Townsville- Magnetic, Orpheus                 Hinchinbrook

Surrounding Islands of Bundaberg –  Lady Elliot, Lady Musgrave, Fraser

Townsville Industry – Sugar (one hour drive)Burdekin                 Bundaberg Sugar- In City  region itself

Townsville Port – 100 km away                                                                 Bundaberg Port – In City itself

Main attraction to Townsville – Great Barrier reef – 84.1 miles               Main attraction to Bundaberg -Turtles encounter

Townsville sometimes has Surf – Magnetic island arcadia Beach       Bundaberg regularly has decent surf – Bargara & Agnes Waters

Bundaberg is rich in agriculture which has proven to continue stimulating the local economy through the GFC & our famous floods.  Our centre is surrounded by many amazing beaches, creating the perfect investment opportunities as well as a great place to raise a family for owner occupiers.

I think it’s the mentality of the people in Bundaberg that remind’s me of Townsville the most.  Although Townsville’s vibe and the people who live there, have changed over the years, Bundaberg is as Townsville was.  Our mentality is still very community orientated & city still progressing.  We have not near reached our peak in capital growth.

I believe any property bought “right” (please work with a reputable agent who understands the local market & each area’s viability) in Bundaberg within the next three years, will see you with irreversible capital growth.   Meaning if we were hit with another economic or environmental drama say in year four or five after you purchased your property, it would at worst hold valuation at that time, not drop.

But hey don’t rely on my research, start digging, do some of your own.  After all spoon fed buyers usually end up behind the eight ball!


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