Parasites of disaster

The media really piss me off in times of natural disaster.   I know it’s great for ratings, but could they stimulate something positive at least some of the time.  I ask, where is our follow up interview in Bundaberg, highlighting how quickly we got our town back on track and how we can still out price and out rent many significant areas of Australia?

I am truly done with the bullshit.  I challenge Murdoch’s group to go to all of the places across Australia that they happily released media on in time of disaster & do some positive follow up interviews.

They seem to have a knack of making a bad situation even worse.   The pros of drumming up media coverage for “political & public awareness”, paint the situation far worse than it really is, & result in short term aid but long term destruction of local economy.  The public’s mentality is hard to change when it has been so heavily influenced.  When we have had business and property sales suffering because television & print media broadcast the 2013 Bundaberg floods in such a way, that the rellies in France are ringing up asking if the whole coastline is under friggin water and will it be like that for months before it resides.  Even after the smidgen of aid is spent and towns are left to get back on their feet.  They now have a “NO GO” zone     noose     noose hanging around their necks.

It takes extra resources from the community which they do not have at the time to counteract the negative publicity, even well after they are back on their feet.  The stigma lingers on.

Parasites of disasters are what the media are in these cases.  Nothing more, nothing less.

They swoop in like a swarm of locusts, creating a huge amount of noise & activity, fill their bellies & then bugger off leaving a haunting silence.  Slowly but surely small shoots return to keep productivity circulating until the day arises that a healthy crop is in place, it is then however that they return and are ready to feast once again!

locust-3loctus town

Western QLD & NSW droughts, Victorian bush fires, the list goes on.  Their version will be, that they were preaching awareness???? MORE LIKE BIG GREEN DOLLAR SIGNS!


We all know how they play the game, over doing it is so much better for ratings, but what they haven’t worked out yet is, so is follow up reporting six months down the track or along the way. Headings like, “Bundy Back On It’s Feet  In Record Time” as an article.  Every body could get some recognition then.  The pollies could boast of their contribution, the defence force could get a plug for its contribution, the locals on resilience and most importantly, the local economy kicked along.  Exaggerated doom and gloom does not pay the bills my friends.  Cause and effect.

How would you like it if I came into your home, publicly made money off your suffering and then pissed off with a pocket full of cash and left you on the bones of your arse.  Wake up Murdoch and your faithful crew of parasites. Enough is enough.

So, you are all about the news.  That’s fine, go ahead.  But if you are smart, which you apparently claim to be, you will instruct your sheep like followers to make you even more money, by doing impressive follow up articles with a positive spin and kick along the local economy, even faster.  Then you can turn from villain to hero, how’s that for an idea? Maybe for once your media coverage can do some actual long term good for an area and the businesses within it.

Australians are resilient and in tough times we stick together with no prejudice.  When you bleed off your own country to the extent you have, how about considering giving something back.

You are the apparent God of the media world….get your arse on a plane, visit these places your little minions exploit and meet the people who have contributed to your millions.  It is the stories of these people that create your wealth.  Maybe just maybe, if you see living beings, then you will agree that you can use your apparent media genius to help spur them along financially not bleed them bloody dry.  You should have time to do it now you’ve finished putting Tony Abbott in power shouldn’t you?





4 thoughts on “Parasites of disaster

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