Little Pot Of Gold


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We woke up on Sunday morning with the idea of driving around the Coral Coast taking some more photos for you all.  Our biggest problem was where to start.  The Coral Coast is so accessible from Bundaberg itself.  Agnes Waters, 121km away, is the most northern town & Burrum Heads 109 km, the most southern.  We decided to keep it to the coast so we could take the little boys & they could swim along the way at our various stops.  So armed with togs, towels, scooters we started off.

You have to imagine within this radius there are the most amazing beaches & river systems.  I had grand plans of starting early, but had forgotten about a rugby match we needed to attend which saw us delayed in Bundaberg for a few hours.  (Under 13’s Western Suburbs started the season brilliantly kicking butt by the way).

First stop was Woodgate Beach.  Let’s just say, we got to Woodgate & there we stayed.  The drive into Woodgate itself creates anticipation.  It has it’s very own road in off the main drag to Bundaberg which you meander along for a while knowing you are getting closer and closer to the beach as the landscape around you begins to change.  The view is breathtaking on arrival (55km from Bundaberg & 38km from Childers).

The weather was glorious, the water glistened in the sunlight as we drove in.  This place melts you.  If you are stressed when you arrive, you will not be when you leave.  The 16kms of unspoilt beach with its beautiful white sand that squeaks beneath your feet, makes you wonder why people take holidays away from the Coral Coast at all.  I said to Jules, we went all that way up to the Whitsundays last year with the kids & yet we have the same beauty on our very own doorsteps.

The water temperature was amazing.  By the time we took photos of the beach & went to the  boating access points.  One being Woodgate’s own little treasure, Walkers Point, we had actually managed to consume the whole day & hadn’t been anywhere else.  I think I can get used to taking photos for you all.  Spending my Sundays one beach at a time.

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